How Exercise can help you in Overcome Internet Addiction?

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There’s no evidence about Internet can improve your brain memory or stimulate the brain functioning still brain sis used for complex reasoning and neurological decisions to perform even better. There are basically nothing like advantages and disadvantages of Internet; it varies from person to person that how they are utilizing it. Make balance between Internet use, Entertainment and Hobbies, Real life socialization and also some great exercise outdoors with online sports and fitness shop in India. It makes sense that how much time are we spending on the Internet (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram). Go through this post to judge by your own.

Internet addiction is when you are becoming dependent on using the Internet, no matter it is constant working, texting or may be checking out the Social media. The most common after effects are Issue with your sleeping patterns, Unable to manage stress and affected work performance. It may vary between Online compulsions, Gaming addiction, Cyber-relationship addiction, Informational addiction etc.

Internet gives us fortune and it can’t be denied, however, one hand it make things easy for us and on other side it is making us dependent on the same. Parents are helping their children to do the homework and somewhere making them reliable on the Internet as well, may be unknowingly. It is harder to admit but yes we all are getting dependent too much on the Internet, many of us are skipping our brain memory exercises and may lead to forget our other work schedules. We are living in an Internet deprived area and Social media sites make our life easy as well as complicated to a level.

How to overcome Internet addiction?

  1. Management is necessary in every aspect of life; same goes with Internet addiction that needs a list of things that you think may help you in achieving your goal. Try to convert your work schedule in things that you’d love and it could be anything like Reading newspaper, Crosswords, Book reading or may be anything else.
  2. Make schedule of activities that can make you stay away from Internet and Social media sites. Don’t just start browsing aimlessly, schedule some important meetings and appointments for that time.
  3. Start from identifying the problem with tracking the time you spent online and this is common as well as easy. Spend more time online than needed for the Work, School or a Healthy personal life. Number of hours can make you aware about time you are spending without any purpose. Be no longer than you needed, check your email and wonder when it turns out into hours of browsing.
  4. Spend more time with people rather than Computer, abide your own boundaries and the best way to get this is buy sports goods online. Exercise keeps your mind busy and active.


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