Home gym equipments at lowest prices by Anson Sports

Home gym equipments at lowest prices by Anson Sports

You are often confused with exercising that you should exercise for fat loss? Nowadays, many new-lookers are coming out in the changing trend of fitness. We provide best home fitness equipments in India at most affordable rates.

Even these exercises also improve your daily activity of activity. Yes, we are talking about the exercises that give many benefits. You can do this exercise at your home or in the park without any equipment.

The way to do it is very rare. In your fat loss, these exercises are like a miracle. It not only reduces the fat of your lower body but also improves your walking movement. To do this first of all, you have to put one foot forward and the other on the back. After this you have to bend your forward foot at 90 degrees.

If you want, you can take light-humble dumbbells in both hands. Apart from this, you can do it on free weight as well. After bending the forward leg, you have to slowly move downwards. While doing this, your back foot will also move downwards.

You have to be especially careful that your back leg does not move outwards. You have to take 3 sets of it in which you have 15-15 repetitions. Between each set you have to break 40 seconds.

It is beneficial for the whole health

Even during pregnancy, your body gets twice the weight. Because of which you have difficulty moving on several occasions. If you are doing exercise before pregnancy, it helps you to handle your body weight during pregnancy.

There have been many discoveries on spine and joints, which have proven that they strengthen your knee joints, your ligaments, your deep muscles tissues. If women do this exercise then they will get pain in their joints or ligaments will be broken. This is not something that is in reality.

Jumping-jack exercise

Nowadays, it does not feel like jumping like a child in the park. In the morning in the morning, maybe you too feel like doing it in the park. Do you know that jumping can bounce your fat rate. Yes we are talking about a jumping jack exercise that you can easily do in both your home and park. For this, first of all, keep both your hands and your waist straight. After this you have to keep both of your legs in the same position as your shoulders.

After this you have to jump slowly along with your both hands up and down. With this, you have to keep in mind that while carrying both the hands upwards, you have to mix your two palms together. After this you have to bring them back towards the same level.

While doing this, you have to take special care to keep the rest after you jump at least 15 times. You have to do this approximately 3-4 times. Your whole body’s muscles are activated in Jumping jack exercise. In this, muscles of your rectus abdominal muscles and glutes are also activated and you can buy all of them at fitness equipment stores in india.


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