Which is the best gym home equipment in India?

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To run on a treadmill is always an amazing way to do the workout for maintaining your long term health. Buying gym equipment in India can save a lot of dollars. The varieties for them are endless and to choose… Continue Reading

How exercise can help in curing depression?

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There are many factors that are discouraging you from exercise and shorten your lifespan. Depression is common among them and exercise can relieve it. The link between both of them is not so clear but it is provenly related. Loss… Continue Reading

Best Gym tools in India | Best gym equipments supplier in India

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Dip station: This is great gym equipment which has 2 arms with a larger base for stability. Chest, Triceps and Front shoulders are the targeted muscles in this. Don’t do this consecutively. Battle ropes: They are the best option to… Continue Reading

Why warm up is necessary before proceeding for the workout?

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Do you know that warming up your body is equivalent to the exercise but guess what, most of us ignore it. Warmup increases blood Why warm up is necessary before proceeding for the workout? circulation in the muscles and gives… Continue Reading


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Have you ever been encountered with breathlessness while walking or felt tough to walk or is a victim of obesity, if for these symptoms you say yes and then it’s an alarming time to protect yourself from long term health… Continue Reading