What things to Keep in Mind before Running or Jogging?

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Before starting the dosage, you have to pay attention to some very important things, first of all we tell you about them –

  • First of all contact your doctor and consult him about your running. This is important when you are 40 or older, if your obesity is too high, you have not exercised for a long time or you have any other health related issues.
  • Slowly start by running and running 30 minutes daily for 6-7 consecutive weeks to build the habit. It would be better to walk instead of running for the starting few weeks. Or try some mild workouts rather than running firstly.
  • Runs a little more than usual every day and you can achieve it safely- buy treadmill online in India. Treadmills are still a way of running.
  • Cool your body for a short while after the rush of Light Exercise.
  • Keep a little water bottle with you while jogging.
  • Drink lots of water before running and after some time but don’t over hydrate your body. Excess of everything is bad. You can sip the water after regular intervals to prevent overloading. If you are thinking for some energy drink, then it would be better NOT to take caffeine or high sugar drinks as they can elevate your heart rate.
  • Rest every 1-2 days every week if you are just starting out the running section. Increase your pace on a slower rate. Don’t run behind things, achieve them.
  • Choose a nice flat, cottage place to run, so that you do not get hurt.
  • Do not run near the road. This may cause problems for asthma patients due to pollution of trains. So run as early as possible in the morning.
  • Use Sun Creams, it’s necessary to protect your skin from harmful Ultraviolet rays.
  • Buy Good Running Shoes to run as they are the only accessory that can harm you somewhere mildly or majorly but yes it can. Visit a running store and ask for the most appropriate one for you. Remember they shouldn’t be big or small in size.
  • Mild stretching is important and you can’t ignore. Instead of doing static stretching, it’s better to sit back and do some light stretching as the static one can make you so tired, sometimes right before the running. Ankle rolls, Hip rotations and Knee circles are some of the gentle exercises. You can buy exercise bikes in India to step in your new healthier life.


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