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What are the advantages of buying through

Wide variety of brands and products to choose from.

Very competitive prices offered; all prices are displayed very clearly

Safe and Secure shopping: Secure Payment Gateway. You will get genuine products with good quality. No duplicates. No imitations. No cheap imports.

You can get all the product information that you need online on our site and through our customer service department

Excellent customer service including regular communication through emails and timely delivery

Also we deliver items to your doorstep properly packed without any hassles and through a reliable logistics partner.2. How do I know that I receive genuine, good quality products when I place an order?

We only host reputed Indian/International branded products. We don’t sell unbranded or any cheap imports. We carefully select the brands and products for our catalogs. Also, we have partnerships with manufacturers directly or their national licensed distributors or their designated representatives. All the products get shipped directly from their warehouses. So, you can be assured of the quality and genuineness of the products.3. Can I come and see the items, before placing an order online?

Unfortunately, this is not possible currently as we don’t operate any physical stores at this point. Products get shipped directly from the manufacturer / distributor warehouse.4. Do you have any stores in any cities?

No. We don’t have any physical retail stores in any city.5. Why should I register on your site?

Registration is a process in which we get your email address for any communication from us to you. Registration enables you to be informed about new product launches, brand launches, promotions and discount offers on our site and periodic newsletters.

On our site, registration / sign-up is a very simple process. You need to provide us with your email id and select a password. All other information like address, contact numbers, preferences etc. are all optional information.6.What is a shopping cart?

Shopping cart is one place where you place products that are of interest to you while you are browsing the products on our site. Once you are done with your browsing, you could review your shopping cart items and make a decision on what to buy. Placing items in shopping does not obligate you to purchase these items.If I place items in the cart, does this mean that I am committed to buy these items?

NO. You can add/delete items from the cart till you make the final payment.7. What is check-out?

Check out a process where you are done with the selection of the products and decided on what to buy. In the check-out process, you confirm the products and shipping address and proceed for payment.Can I just view the products without placing an order?

Yes. You are most welcome to view/browse products on our site. There is no need for any login or registration requirement to view the products on our site.Products8. Are all the products sold are brand new?

We do not send used and returned products on our site. We sell only new products in their original manufacturer’s packing.9. How can I be sure that the sports equipment that I am getting is authentic?

We have a direct tie-up with most of the manufacturers and licensed distributors and in most of these cases, your shipment will come from their warehouses directly. As this comes from the original source, you can be rest assured that you will get reputed manufacturer’s quality and no intermediate tampering OR mixing of the in-authentic products.10. Can I compare products on your site?

At this point, this feature is available on our site. Manage your Account11. Can I change my personal details whenever I want?

Yes. You could change your personal details by accessing the My Account Section on the home page. You need to sign-in to the site for updating your personal details.12. Can I see my old orders with Gofitindia?

Yes. You can see all the orders in “View My Order History” in “My Account” on home page.13. I would like to add few addresses that I normally ship with Is this possible?

Yes. We do provide a facility to maintain multiple shipping addresses associated to your account. This can be done through “View My Address Book” in “My Account” section. In addition to this, you can also add a new shipping address during the process of entering a new order.14. Can I track the progress of the order from your web site?

Yes. You can track the order through “Track My Order” under “My Account”. For this, you need the tracking number of the order shipment, which would have been sent to you through an email from us.SecurityHow safe is it to shop at your site, using a credit or debit card?

We have a tie-up with reputed payment gateways which are “Verisign Certified”. Verisign is one of the worls’s leading payment gateway security certification agency. This ensures that the web pages where you enter your card information are secure and they transmit card information in an encrypted form, which minimizes the card data theft/hacking. You enter your card information on the payment gateway website pages and this information is transmitted with encryption.Do I need to submit any other additional documents when I use my credit card?

In some high value transactions involving amount exceeding Rs. 20,000, our payment gateway agencies insist (as a process) on additional documentation from the card user. This is to again minimize the misuse of the card by unauthorized people. You are required to send two documents.

They may confirm with you over the phone and if required, they may ask you to provide scan copy of the front page of the credit card (with some digits crossed) Photo identity proof (copy of your passport, drivers license, PAN card, Ration Card OR any other valid photo identify proof)

These documents can either be sent to Ansonsports customer service OR directly to the payment gateway agency. Detailed instructions will be given by our customer service representatives after order is booked on the web using a credit card.Would you be sharing my personal data with anybody else?

As a general practice, we will not be sharing your personal data for any commercial purposes. However, we need to share your personal data with partners and service providers in the process of order fulfillment.

How to order the product.

  1. Register with
  2. Select the product and click on ‘Add To Cart’
  3. A prompt message will appear on screen asking ‘Continue Shopping’ or ‘Check out’
  4. Click on check out if you are finished with selecting more products.
  5. Select Net Banking /Credit card/ Debit card/ Itz Cash / Icash /Done Card Payments
  6. Review your details and add any notes or message you want to convey us.
  7. Click on terms and condition check box and press ‘Place order’ Tab on the bottom of the page.
  8. You will be taken to check out page and select the option through which you would like to make payment and enter details.
  9. Click on proceed, the next screen will ask you any more details if required or completion of your payment.
  10. You order is placed.

Once you complete the order, you will be confirmed by email on your registered email id with us and timely you can check the status of your order in your “My Account”

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