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Toppro Rowing



Rowing machine training is a great all round exercise routine and excellent piece of gym equipment

Rowing uses all your muscles with very little impact on your joints making it suitable for all ages.

Rowing machine consume more than 800 calories an hour and with less risk of injury than other sports

Compare this to walking (300), swimming (600) and even running (650 – 700). However, you still need to learn and practice correct rowing technique before starting a vigorous hourly workout!

Specifications and Features:

On Screen Computer Display Monitors : Scan, Time, Count, Total Count and Calories used
• Adjustable footplates for greater ankle support
• Adjustable rowing arms for variable resistance
• Eight wheels for maximum smoothness and stability

The Toppro Rowing Machine provides one of the best low-impact cardiovascular and strength workout available. Rowing is an effective total body workout that works virtually all major muscle groups including your abdominals, back, legs, arms, and buttocks.


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